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It is with great sadness that we have to announce that all future Team Offroad training courses are suspended until further notice.  This is as a result of increased work pressure on both Thys and Gerrie's side which makes time to prepare and set up for training  as well as synchronising diaries extremely diffidult.  We pride ourselves on delivering a 110% quality product and as things are standing at the moment we are bound to slip on quality delivery.  We will never do that to any of our clients as you guys deserve all 110% we can deliver. Once the crunch is over, and things return to normal we will re-asses, but for now we decided to shut down operations for the time being. 

We do have a lot of outstanding voucher clients, which we want to invote to a special Voucher Holders training course on 25 February 2023. We will contact all outstanding voucher holders and arrange with you guys.  If that date is really not suitable we will arrange one more date in August/Sept 2023. 

We apologise for any inconvenience and can only hope that you understand.  

Kind regards 

Thys, Gerrie and the Team. 


Here we list the training schedule for the year.  Please note that this may be subject to change depending on many factors.  Changes will be made from time to time.  Clicking on the date below will take you to the corresponding booking portal page where you will be able to read more about the training, and book and pay for your seat.


 Date (Click on the date to book)

 Event Type  Venue  Costs
 25 Feb 2023 Introduction to 4x4 Driving   Welgelegen4x4  Voucher holders only

About Us

 What is Team Offroad all about?

The offroad sector consists of many different areas of expertise. By way of strategic partnerships we have managed to build a team of experts in some of the varied disciplines. It all came together when a few friends with the passion for the great outdoors, offroading and traveling got together and decided to pool their expertise and knowledge to serve the 4x4 community in this beautiful country from a unified front.

For a while we were working under our own brands, but we decided to change our brand to Team Offroad for those activities where we are all involved, simplifying naming and branding issues. Team Offroad was born in 2010, which means.. It is our 11th birthday this year!!

Our Offering
Our offering includes, but is not limited to, 4x4 & Offroad Driver Training, Team Building, Fun Days, Weekend Excursions, Tour Planning & Consulting. Our clients become our friends, and we love to share our outdoors experiences with them.

Dust Series
Together with Dust Media we are also actively involved with the hosting of the Hankook Dust Series which is a country-wide 4x4 competition event aimes specifically at those 4x4 drivers who want to have some fun with their vehicles without the risk of damaging it, and to develop their driving and navigation skills and learn how to work is a team while doing some offroad stuff.

Cape 4x4 Challenge Club
Team Offroad also plays a very important role in the Cape 4x4 Challenge Club that was established in May 2019, with 2 of our members, Charles Muller is serving on the Club Committee and the rest of our members involved in the team responsible for officiating and scoring the events. The C4x4CC is an MSA affiliated 4x4 Challenge Club, one of only 2 in the country. 

Members Rides
Our team members own and drive a wide variety of 4x4 vehicles which means that we do not focus on a specific brand of vehicle and can best advise on the pro's and cons of the different types of vehicles on the market. We also have access to product experts for most 4x4 vehicles as well as tyres and 4x4 aftermarket accessories available on the SA market.

TETA Accreditation
Although we are squarely focused on the recreational market, catering for the weekend 4x4'ers, we are also in a position to do TETA accredited 4x4 driver training for the Professional market.  

In the Past
Together with Alan Goodway from Isibonela Adventures we were responsible for the WegRy/DriveOut 4x4 Academy in the Western Cape from 2013 untill 2016 when the WegRy/DriveOut4x4 Academy was disbanded.





Meet the Team



Thys de Jager  (Jeep Wrangler & Toyota Hilux 3.0 D4D)

The main Trainer in the bunch and one of the founder members of Team Offroad.  Thys has been involved with formal TETA accredited 4x4 training since 2010.  Before that he was doing training on an informal basis on daytrips and outings with the Hilux4x4 Club and other groups of 4x4 enthusiasts. 

Thys is a qualified and TETA registered Assessor (TETA14-250) with +/- 20 years experience of offroad driving.  He enjoys the great outdoors and tries to get at least one long overlanding trip into his schedule every year. The rest of the time he is active on the 4x4 trails in and around the Western Cape. 

He is also involved with some serious event planning and organisation, including the annual Wegry Bullrun.  


 Gerrie van Eeden (Land Rover Disco 1 3.9 V8)

Gerrie is one of our Trainers in the Cape Town area.  He is also involved with some serious event planning and organisation, including the annual Wegry Bullrun.  Gerrie and Thys are responsible for the Cooper Dust Series which is a National 4x4 Driver's competition, testing the skills of 4x4 drivers in various terrains.  




 Charles Muller (Toyota Hilux 4.3 V8)

Charles hails from Caledon, but is nevertheless a well known regular at all the 4x4 trails and events all over the Western Cape.  Having qualified 3 times as a Dust Series Finalist finishing in the top 5 every time.  On his 4th attempt,  with perfect planning and faultless execution Charles, together with co-driver Werner Pretorius, managed to lift the trophy and become the Dust Series Champions for 2019. His blue Hilux (Bloues) is a sight to behold and the sound speaks to one's core in a rumbling 8-beat.  Truely an awesome machine, meticulously built up by Charles and a team of mechanics and technicians around the Cape.  He also loves using the machine in a most spectacular way. 

Charles originally came on board as a Dust Series Competitor, then as Team Offroad Marshal since 2015.  Over this period he showed an interest in becoming a 4x4 Instructor and is currently undergoing on the job training and evaluation to become one of our approved instructors.








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Team Offroad, in partnership with Isibonela Adventures was responsible for conducting all 4x4 driver training of the

Wegry-Drive Out 4x4 Academy in the Western Cape.

If we are good enough for Wegry/Drive Out we are good enough for you!