Team Offroad Marshal Unit
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Team Offroad is responsible for lending tactical and logistical support to many 4x4 and offroad events.  To this end the Team Offroad Marshal Unit was established mostly out of volunteers from the Team Offroad family.  These guys make sure that the events run smoothly, does the score keeping and makes sure everything at each obstacle is done in a safe and orderly manner.  
Dont be fooled by the fact that these guys are volunteers, they are true professionals, dedicated to making sure that each and every participant at their obstacle is getting the best possible treatment and a fair ajudication of their driving skills. 
If you are keen to assist with marshalling at our events, please drop us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we will put you on our volunteer list.  Sometimes we require large numbers of marshals, and sometimes only a few, but at the moment the marshals all show up anyway, even if it is just to make a fire and make a boerie roll for those who are on duty.  Or to cheer for those who take part in the event! 





Over the years we have rubbed shoulders with many keen and eager 4x4 and offroad enthusiasts from around the country.  Many of these people became like family and when the time came to get a group of Marshals together for our first little 4x4 event, they were more than willing to assist.  From those humble beginnings, the Team Offroad Marshal Unit has grown to a formidable team of experienced Marshals who can handle some of the biggest motoring events on the continent, and they do the job with pride!. Besides that, they are all volunteers, who do this not for financial gain, but for the love of the outdoors and for the spirit of the competition. 


Every year Team Offroad is responsible for operational support at the annual WegRy Bull Run held at Vanwyksvlei in the Northern Cape. We rely heavily on the Marshal Unit to assist us with manning checkpoints and officiating the event.  Some of these guys have been doing it for a few years already and they really do an outstanding job, and their contribution is a huge part of the success of each year's Bull Run. 


The Marshal Unit are also tasked with ensuring that the Cooper Tyres Dust Series runs smoothly.  The Cooper Tyre Dust Series is a nationwide 4x4 competition series with 3 Qualifyers and a National Final happening during every year.  Some of our Marshals have been involved from Day1, and are still with us.  If you want to become part of this well oiled Marshal Machine, please send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We always welcome extra hands.  


We also realise that without this group of eager beavers, any events Team Offroad gets involved in will be dead in the water.  For that we would like to express our unending gratitude.  Thanks guys, you are the best! 




 Marshals having fun!