Team Offroad Marshal Unit
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Team Offroad is responsible for lending tactical and logistical support to many 4x4 and offroad events.  To this end the Team Offroad Marshal Unit was established mostly out of volunteers from the Team Offroad family.  These guys make sure that the events run smoothly, does the score keeping and makes sure everything at each obstacle is done in a safe and orderly manner.  
Dont be fooled by the fact that these guys are volunteers, they are true professionals, dedicated to making sure that each and every participant at their obstacle is getting the best possible treatment and a fair ajudication of their driving skills. 
If you are keen to assist with marshalling at our events, please drop us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we will put you on our volunteer list.  Sometimes we require large numbers of marshals, and sometimes only a few, but at the moment the marshals all show up anyway, even if it is just to make a fire and make a boerie roll for those who are on duty.  Or to cheer for those who take part in the event! 

Fund Raising Raffle


Every year Team Offroad is responsible for operational support at the annual WegRy Bull Run held at Vanwyksvlei in the Northern Cape. We rely heavily on the Marshal Unit to assist us with manning checkpoints and officiating the event.  Some of these guys have been doing it for a few years already and they really do an outstanding job, and their contribution is a huge part of the success of each year's Bull Run. 


The Marshals are not being paid for their services, and we are extremely grateful for their generosity.  We decided to attempt to raise some funds to assit them with some petrol money for the journey.  We went, hat in hand, and begged for sponsors and came up with a veritable smorgasbord of prizes to be raffled for this cause.  We decided, like last year....  


We are going to have a raffle.  A lekker exciting raffle with lots of prizes and a lot of fun.  The draw will take place at 1st Offroad & 4x4 in Stikland on a Saturday morning the date of which we will determine shortly.  


Our sponsors include: 

1st Outdoor & 4x4 (Some random prizes and vouchers)

Gomad4x4 (Some vouchers) 

Team Offroad (3 x 4x4 Training Vouchers and 5 x (very sought after) Team Offroad Caps) 

Hein Burnett from Burnco (R2000 cash voucher)

Denille de Kock from Alco (R1000 cash voucher)

Angel Offroad 1 x World Famous Pofadder Kinetic Recovery Rope by Herman Engelbrecht

Charles Muller from Electronics Inc (Radio/CD/MP3 Unit) 

Francis Hitchinson (Wine)

WegRy/Drive Out 


A full list of prizes will be published shortly, as we are still tying up some loose ends and finalizing a few more things and we are looking fior more generous donations as we go along. 


We would like to thank all our sponsors for donating so generously, and we hope that we can direct some business their way with this effort as well.  


When will raffle tickets become available? 

Raffle tickets will go on sale as soon as you have read this post.  


How much will they cost? 

R100 will give you a single number in a hat. For every 3 tickets you buy, you will get 2 free raffle tickets.  In other words, R300 (3 paid tickets) will earn you 2 bonus tickets for 5 entries in total. The more you buy the more you get. 


How do you buy your raffle tickets?  Wait!! Here is a handy button!! 





You won something but you are 1500km away from Cape Town?  

We will make a plan, even if it means you come to Vanwyksvlei to watch the guys you supported in action in October!! Somehow we will get your prize to you.