It was time to break free again.. and to answer the call of the wild... After a lot of planning and research we finally got all our stuff together for a fantastic break-away to the Botswana side of Kgalagadi TFP.

Our initial plan was to go in thru the RSA side of the park but getting hold of any kind of campsite on "our" side proved to be completely impossible. We managed to book 4 nights on the BW side, 3 at Mpaya-1 and 1 and Mabua-4. This was easy, and the people from the BW side are very friendly and helpful. After much to-ing and fro-ing we decided to ditch the RSA side all together and go straight to the BW side.

In order to do this we planned our itinerary thus:

  1. Get to McCarthy's Rest
  2. Get to Mabuasehube via Tsabong
  3. Get to Kang via Hukuntsi
  4. Get to Gobabis via Ghanzi
  5. and then make our way home... along the roads less traveled.. or in our case the roads hardly ever traveled..

Traveling from Cape Town to McCarthy's was a long haul, so we decided to visit SKA country! One night in Carnavon. We have been there before, and had coffee in the Lemon Tree coffee shop, but we never slept over, and here was the perfect opportunity. From there it would be another day's drive to get to the border. The plan was to spend 2 nights at the Cullinan Guest Farm approx 7km from the McCarthy's Rest border post. We wanted to do this to try out our camping gear and getting into the groove... and also to make sure we didnt forget anything at home. We live in a house most of the time, so getting used to tent-camping takes a day or 2.. After that we had no real hard and fast plans.. Get into the "Park", check out the lions and stuff, get out, and sleep somewhere near Kang, then go check out Gobabis... The unplanned events are the best ones... To be continued... pics are still uploading.. Oh.. here's a taster... it was COLD!!